Triclops Herbicide

For the Control of Various Woody Weeds, Melons and Broadleaf Weeds

Triclops Herbicide contains 600 g/L Triclopyr present as the butoxyethyl ester, which controls various Woody Weeds, Melons and Broadleaf Weeds.

It is registered for the control of various Woody and Broadleaf Weeds in situatons such as;

  • Agricultural non-crop areas
  • Commercial and Industrial areas
  • Rights-of-way
  • Pastures
  • Forests
  • Fencelines and Fire Trails

It it also regsitered for the control of Afghan, Bitter or Camel Melons and Paddy Melon in situations such as;

  • Fallow
  • Stubble
  • Firebreaks

Features & Benefits

  • Foliar spray option for hard-to-kill woody weeds and many noxious herbaceous weeds
  • Provides quick browning of leaves and stems by acting rapidly on weed foliage
  • Allows planting of sensitive crops and shrubs soon after application - due to the short residual life in the soil
  • Controls the target weeds without harming grass pastures
  • Some of the major weeds controlled;
    • Afghan, Bitter or Camel Melons
    • African boxthorn
    • Blackberry
    • Broom
    • Common Prickly Pear
    • Eucalypt regrowth
    • Gorse
    • Paddy Melon
    • St Johns wort
    • Wattle regrowth


Active Constituent

  • 600 g/L TRICLOPYR present as the butoxyethyl ester

Activity Group

  • Group I Herbicide


  • EC - Emulsifiable Concentrate

Pack Sizes

  • 10L