Armoury Herbicide

For the knockdown and residual control of various annual and perennial weeds in non-crop, commercial, industrial, public service areas, rights of way, wasteland situations & irrigation channels

Armoury Herbicide is an aqueous formulation of two active constituents, which will kill a range of standing weeds and emerging seedlings. It stops growth rapidly, although symptoms may take over 30 days to develop. Affected plants are discoloured and often growth is distorted.
The active material in Armoury is rapidly absorbed through foliage and translocated throughout plants. The active ingredient providing residual control (imazapyr) is also rapidly absorbed through roots, and translocated throughout plants.
For pre-emergence control, rain or irrigation after spraying is required to activate Armoury Herbicide.
Where indicated in the ‘Rate’ column, ‘Pre- or post- emergence application’, foliage treatments will provide pre-emergence control as the active material is released to the soil following plant decay. Application should give 6 months effective weed control. Residual control will be reduced by denser standing weed growth and higher amounts of ground cover.

Features & Benefits

  • Powerful pre and post emergent weed control in one application — increases the flexibility of the application and avoids the need for separate applications
  • Long-term residual control — a single application avoids the need for regular, repeat applications that is required with other pre-emergent herbicides
  • Highly effective knockdown and residual activity on a large range of weeds
  • Low Scheduling (S5 - CAUTION)
  • Low leaching potential — offering greater safety to the environment over existing pre-emergent herbicides.
  • Up to 6 months residual control
  • Most suited to areas or situations that require bare-ground maintenance. Ideal wherever long-term residual weed control is required

Active Constituent

  • 150 g/L IMAZAPYR present as the potassium salt
  • 150 g/L GLYPHOSATE present as the potassium salt

Activity Group

  • Group B & M Herbicide's


  • AC - Aqueous Concentrate (Soluble Concentrate)

Pack Sizes

  • 10L