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Nemo Surfactant launched

After 10 years in Development Crop Culture is proud to announce the arrival of Nemo Surfactant. Bringing a NEW active constituent to Australia, cocamidopropyl betaine.

Nemo is the ideal surfactant addition with glyphosate, and will soon become the standard for glyphosate spraying in the Australian AgChem industry.

Nemo Surfactant also is a speciality surfactant for use with Aquatic Approved Glyphosate or Aquatic Approved Diquat. 

If you have been looking to a surfactant to help you give thorough coverage of plant foliage to increase herbicide absorption, Nemo is for you.

Want your spray solution to evenly wet the most hairy, waxy or difficult to wet weed foliage.....then Nemo is for you.

Nemo Surfactant is for use in Non-Crop Areas, Commercial & Industrial Areas, Rights-of-Way, Fallow and Firebreak and Aquatic Situations.

Nemo Surfactant is AVAILABLE NOW.

To purchase NEMO now PRESS HERE

For more information such as Nemo's product label, SDS and technical sheet go to Nemo’s product page.

No shortages of Tour Ornamental Herbicide

Shoratges of the active constituent Oryzalin world-wide have lead to products that contain Oryzalin becoming unavailable.

Crop Culture was aware of the pending Oryzalin molecule shortages in early 2017 and purchased enough oryzalin to ensure supply of Tour Ornamental Herbicide for many years to come.

Tour Ornamental Herbicide is a Pre-emergent herbicide for the control of weeds in container & in-ground ornamental plants. Lasts up to three months, and is a Low Smell Formulation.

Tour Ornamental Herbicide contains 20 g/kg OXYFLUORFEN + 10 g/kg ORYZALIN.

For more information such as Tour's product label, SDS and technical sheet go to Tour’s product page.

Formulation Guarantee

All of our products come with a formulation guarantee, which ensures our clients can be extremely confident they are applying a quality product.

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