Tour Ornamental Herbicide

Pre-emergent herbicide for the control of weeds in container & in-ground ornamental plants. Lasts up to three months. (Low Smell Formulation)

The most cost-effective pre-emergent herbicide on the market
Tour Ornamental Herbicide is a safe, effective and economical pre-emergent herbicide that controls a broad spectrum of broadleaf and grassy weeds.
With Tour, valuable nutrients can be used by your plants, not wasted on weeds. Your plants will be stronger, greener and healthier.
Tour Ornamental pre-emergent herbicide is specifically designed for nurseries and landscaping to control weeds around:

  • container-grown ornamental trees and shrubs
  • contained garden beds and pots
  • field-grown ornamental plants

Broader control that’s ahead of the rest
Tour Ornamental Herbicide combines the action of two proven herbicides in one granule. This unique combination results in broader spectrum pre-emergent weed control of both broadleaf and grassy weeds. One application controls 42 weed species for up to three months.

Low Smell Formulation
Tour Ornamental Herbicide is a low odour formulation. The reason for this is Tour Ornamental Herbicide does not contain smelly solvents. So why send your customers home with plants that stink out their car when you can use Tour Ornamental Herbicide.

Save time and money with Tour Ornamental Herbicide
Weed control with Tour Ornamental Herbicide costs less than alternative control measures. The correct use of Tour Ornamental Herbicide saves you time and labour costs by drastically reducing the need to handweed containers and garden beds. With the time saved by not   needing to weed, you are free to do what you do best: caring for and nurturing plants and gardens.
Troublesome weeds like spurge, chickweed, groundsel and oxalis are more than unsightly in ornamental crops. They can also mean the  difference between plants that sell and those that don’t – or in keeping or losing a customer. That’s where Tour Ornamental Herbicide comes in. Just one application of this convenient, effective herbicide keeps ornamentals – whether in the nursery or in the landscape – free from a broad range of weeds for up to three months. This low-odour and low-dust  formulation measures and applies easily while still offering the excellent control you expect from oxyfluorfen and oryzalin.

Features & Benefits

  • Outstanding pre-emergent control - Delivers broad-spectrum residual control of broadleaf weeds and grasses. Combines the action of the two proven herbicides in one granule.
  • Controls the toughest weeds - Even takes down spurge, pigweed, chickweed and oxalis.
  • High quality formulation - Low-odour and low dust granular formulation.
  • Offers Excellent value - Serves as a high quality, economical solution.
  • Unscheduled (exempt from poison scheduling)


Active Constituent

  • 20 g/kg OXYFLUORFEN
  • 10 g/kg ORYZALIN

Activity Group

  • Group D & G Herbicide's


  • G - Granular

Pack Sizes

  • 20kg